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In progress

The Four Mothers

Alice returns home to her mother after a near-fatal accident to rebuild her life. But she discovers a sect known as the Four Mothers that has relocated to her hometown. 

The pilot for The Four Mothers has already been shot, and post-production is completed. If you are interested in production cooperation, contact us at e-mail, and we will be happy to send you a sample!

Painted Talk

Painted Talk is our new internet project, combining the format of a classic talk show and the art of make-up artist Diana Vitikačová, who transforms guests beyond recognition during the show. In the first part, you can track the transformation of the singer Milan Peroutka into the most famous villain from the world of DC comics, the Joker. As additional guests, we will invite personalities from the world of film, music and the Internet. Our director Tereza Hirsch guides the audience through the show, who will discuss with the guests stories from the filming and topics from the world of show business.  

We need to talk

Do only elections make democracy? And will politicians emerge from them? Do we only have to cast our vote once every four years and then just "shut up"? We will try to search and find answers to these and other questions in the unique mini-series We have to talk.

About dialogue, about how and why to vote and why society is divided.

Hirsch Pictures participated in this project as a co-producer; more information and the source of the text can be found at

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